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What is Kaminari Taiko?
Kaminari (“Thunder”) Taiko is a smaller, electric version of the traditional Japanese taiko drum. It produces the same sounds a normal taiko drum would.
Who is Kaminari Taiko for?
For anyone! It could perfect for a talented and experienced taiko player or simply for someone who wants to pick up a new hobby.
What can I do with Kaminari Taiko?
To play music! The drum measures the velocity at the point of contact, creating a dynamic range of sounds. It is lightweight and easily transportable. In order to produce sound, the drum must be plugged into an output audio source. For those who like to play in the comfort of their home, simply plug in earphones and nobody else would be disturbed.



How big is Kaminari Taiko?

Dimensions: 20 in/50.3cm diameter, 4.5 in/11.4 cm tall

Weight: 6.6 lbs/3 kg

What is included in the bundle?
One Kaminari Taiko unit, bag, and Apple earphones
I don’t want the bundle. Can I buy the drum unit on its own?
Yes! Head over to the Products page and you will find it listed as a product individually.
Why are earphones being sold?
Kaminari Taiko will only produce drum-like sounds when the drum is plugged into an output source, like a speaker or headphones. We want you to have the full experience with our product.


Payment & Warranty

What payment methods are accepted?
Credit cards & Debit cards, Paypal?(maybe?)
I want to return my purchase! What do I do?

If you experience a functional failure in your Taiko Drum, please contact us within 30 days of product arrival. We will then contact you and coordinate the return process. We will send you a return ticket number and pay for return shipping. After we receive the returned drum, we will confirm the condition of the drum.
If we are unable to confirm the failure, or there is physical damage to the drum we will contact you again to discuss the next steps.

If it has been 30 days after the Taiko Drum has arrived, but still within the warranty period, we will provide a repair service for your drum. Please contact us in advance for the return ticket number. You will need to pay for one way shipping to send the drum to us, and we will pay for the return shipping after the drum has been repaired.

If there are no issues and you would simply like to return your Taiko Drum, please contact us within 30 days for the return ticket number. You will need to pay for the shipping costs to send it back to us. If there are any missing accessories, or if any damage is incurred on the Taiko Drum during shipping, you will be charged for the missing accessories or damage.

If you have any other questions about our return policy, please feel free to contact us at:

How long does the warranty last?
For one year. You can choose to extend the warranty by purchasing extended warranty on the Products page.



Help! The drum is not making any sounds.
First, make sure the drum is plugged into a power source as well as an output audio source (i.e. earphones). Check if any cables are broken or faulty. If the problem continues to persist, email us at
How do I record an audio file with Kaminari Taiko?
  • Download a digital audio workstation such as REAPER.
  • Power on Kaminari Taiko and connect the USB cable to a computer.
  • Using the REAPER software, enable the inputs and outputs.
  • Push the Record button, which will save files as MIDI.
  • Play drum as would normally.