The Kaminari Taiko Bundle

Includes: Kaminari Taiko drum, carrying bag, & stand.

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Product Description

Kaminari Taiko

  • Dimensions: 20 in/50.3cm diameter, 4.5 in/11.4 cm tall
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs/3 kg
  • Trigger Zone: head and rim
  • Sound Source Format: 48Khz/24 bit/Stereo
  • Input Connectors: AUX IN/DC IN/USB MIDI/USB Power
  • Output Connectors: 3.5 mm stereo/6.35 mm stereo/USB MIDI
  • 1 year warranty

Taiko Bag

  • Provides convenience for transporting your drum
  • Lightweight and provides protection
  • Made for Kaminari Taiko